The Law of 1

In the midst of the weirdest year of my life, and there have been many, I have found the most curious, beautiful, vivid, and, emotionally fulfilling experiences. The catalyst:

A small outbreak begins somewhere on earth, within months this infection spread to the rest of the world. Until it was noticed enough that it was given a name. In the name of this infection all manner of moral, political, and ethical atrocities are seemingly being committed, suggested, or ignored. Some aspects of these events are being brought to light but there is so much being hidden under a basket. It’s time for that light to get brighter. For all to be uncovered. It’s time for those who can see to speak up as witnesses for truth. We deserve to have all relevant knowledge to use as humanity is capable of using it with a view to our over-all health. Even the things that make us afraid, uncomfortable, shocked or shaken. I know I'm not alone in this experience.

What follows is a channeled message following those journaled thoughts. I hope it brings you peace, love and harmony.

"This is not the grand philosophical truth all men seek, although by the revelations of light you may find it.

The Simple truths must be revealed within the heart of each man so that he may know himself inside and out. To know that to which he is capable of extending his imagination, to the depths of cruelty and degradation. Man must understand his capacity for darkness and learn to love this darkness to the light. There is nothing to be ashamed or fearful of when we ponder what it is possible to consider. Only, that we should decide not to engage in that which we know is beyond the realm of love and compassion.

There is a great divide in this regard at/in the present moment as the understanding of what is a loving action is skewed and confused within the minds and hearts of those around us, and in many cases, with-in ourselves. So, how do we decide good from bad, right from wrong, evil from good/righteousness? Whose tool of morality do we apply? The answer is simple, that which builds up and does not tear down. Those choices that inspire your heart to feel lighter, and that which allows us all to feel the connection between ourselves as an experience of God. This is the law of Love.

The moral imperative is to create, constantly, a world in which it is increasingly more pleasant to live. For the god within us craves unity and order.

There is no space too small, no cavern too wide, to hold inside of it what we do not know, because knowledge is infinite. However, if we do not have access to this knowledge its value is diminished, its frequency less vibrant. We hold the frequencies of the past within us. We hold in our bones and DNA the memory of all things that have come to pass.

It is only our capacity to understand vibration that inhibits us. When we apply knowledge of energetic frequency and vibration to determine our actions, we align with what we “feel” is right, but our conscious choices feed into the vibration with which we align. We become a part of a larger body of energy as we move through this vibronic spectrum. These fortresses of energy house many such vibrations in harmony. We are hearing the clashing symbols of discordant energy. Now, as you continue to align yourselves with the universal vibration of love, your soul/cell structure is moved into the new energetic phase.

Allow the wave of loving experience to carry you into the world of peace and prosperity you all crave. There is commonality in all races, in all peoples. The desire for fulfillment, the need to be loved and understood, the craving for connection. So long as disconnection continues to be fostered, we find ourselves lost in this space of confusion. Reach out to the light when you see it and let it carry you forward. Your ties to the world around you are eternal in ways you cannot now comprehend. Trust that your connections will be made when the time is right and move forward in the vein of love. Moving health through all systems of humanity. You are privileged to be in a space of immense growth and understanding, through and across generations. Do not let fear be your leading foot. Stand firm in the faith of something larger than yourself, that is seeking your highest interest. Be strong, be joyful, be love."

-Angelic Realm

-Received by Jenny L. Holsinger