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What can Personal Growth Coaching do for You?

Tap into the potential of your own mind!

  • Identify core beliefs and how they affect your choices

  • Identify limiting beliefs and release them

  • Gain tools to cope with anxiety

  • Gain effective communication tools

  • Stop allowing trauma to dictate behavior

  • Change your personal narrative 

  • Learn how to stop negative thought patterns

  • Release your past and get moving into your ideal future

  • Understand and redefine how your emotions are affecting your choices

Personal Growth Coaching: Welcome

What does Personal Growth Coaching Include?

See what You are capable of!

During your Personal Growth Coaching sessions, we will explore the areas of your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that you decide need a shift. Using active listening, constructive feedback and other forms of guided self-analysis, you will discover your core beliefs, how they were developed, and which ones are serving your interests.

We will address unhelpful cognitive patterns with neuro-linguistic programming, a gentle adjustment to the perspective of past, present and future situations. Non-invasive hypnotherapy can help you to rise above obstacles in your life and take control of the person you will become. To help establish a sense of relaxation and comfort we will use Reiki treatments. These will aid you in the needed balance between body and mind, allowing you to be more in tune with yourself and the information you receive on a daily basis. Once we've established your objectives we can move forward in finding the best ways to reach your desired goals.

 Your Personal Growth Coaching session will allow you to heal, grow and shift to benefit you in ways you may never have approached before. Give yourself the gift of Personal Growth by booking today!

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For more information and to book a session please contact us soon. We look forward to hearing from you.

13433 Fenway Blvd. Cir. N.
Hugo, MN 55038
Suite #200


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